Where am I?

So if you dont follow my twitter then you are probably wondering where I am and why I havent blogged... I have had several emails from readers asking if I am taking a break from blogging. The answer is no way! Blogging is my hobby and I enjoy writing it but sadly I have had to say goodbye to my laptop. He and I had many good times together and it brought me a lot of happiness! I am hoping to get a laptop for my birthday so I will be back in the new year I promise! I am still trying to stay apart of the beauty blogging world via twitter by sending out regular tweets with celeb beauty products, beauty tips and current discounts on beauty sites. To the companies: I have tried to email all of you with regards to products that I am reviewing. You have not been forgotten and I will blog as soon as I have a new laptop. For now anyway my beauties I can only apologise and thank you for all of your lovely messages! I cannot believe that this time last year I spent my time reading through blogs and now I have my very own! I absolutely love it, so no I am not taking a break from blogging I just don't have a laptop. I am currently sat in a library writing this to you all. Oh the days when I used to come to the library to do my homework. I feel 13 again! I will try my best to borrow someones laptop as there are 2 posts that I really want to publish before christmas! Also I will be counting down the days til my birthday on twitter incase you are wondering its the 31st of July! I think Ive rambled on enough and given you an update on the blogging situation. By all means if you want to email me feel free I reply to all emails and tweets.