Hard Work

Taking in the Pits has been a lot of crazy hard work. They are wonderful dogs, sweet and loving and learn so quick. I want to spend every minute with them plus on top of that I have the other dogs I am trying to help. I have had some really long hours at work the last week or so and have some other things going on which I can't talk about right now that has been a bit draining. Don't worry it isn't anything bad... well unless I don't get what I want. We had an adoption event on Saturday. Only one dog got adopted but it was my sweet Nina who was thrown from a car and had road rash on her one side so bad that she is missing most of her hair. Nina: Labrador Retriever. When we took her in, it took 3 days for her to wag her tail. I am so happy that she found a home. She is just the sweetest dog ever. I had taken in 5 puppies on Thursday... can you believe not one was spoken for at the event?! Well one did go to a foster to adopt home today and I do have one application but for the same puppy. Hoping they will be interested in the puppy that looks just like the one they put an application in for. Oh I hope! I have so much going on I have had 2 dogs in boarding for over a week now. Yikes expensive. I am picking up the one tomorrow and Wednesday the other one goes to a foster to adopt home... and I really really hope that one leads to an adoption. That poor dog is so sweet and just needs the right now. So for 2013 has been pretty good... hoping that my good news comes this week... if it does I will be sure to let you know what it is ;)