Meet Hypnosis: The best Technique to Treat your Pains

Hypnosis is the best choice for most people suffering from diverse forms of pain, anxiety, and also for the people who want to quit smoking and lose weight. Throughout history to our present time hypnosis has been commonly used and is being used as a natural healing tool all over the world. Today we speak of hypnosis in the UAE, specifically, hypnotherapy Dubai.

Hypnosis is a set of techniques created to enhance the state of concentration, minimize the distractions, and increase responsiveness to suggestions to alter one's thoughts, feelings, behavior, or physiological state. If you didn’t know, hypnosis is a practice used to assist other types of mental health therapies and medical treatments. People are different so they respond differently when it comes to hypnosis. The only way to be hypnotized is to focus your mind and spirit in the attempt to meditate on your condition, goal or issue. Hypnosis is also a state of conscious awareness which most people experience often, many times each day.

Hypnotherapy has three important values:
  • Absorption, or a state of focused concentration or attention;
  • Dissociation, where the client’s perception of the external environment diminishes;
  • Suggestibility (the capacity of an individual to respond to verbal communication). 

People talk about the hypnotic state of mind in many ways like, “being beside oneself”, “out of body experiences”, “daydreaming”, “tuning out” or a meditative state. Hypnosis has also helped in the evolution of the relationship between psychologists and people who need them. It is well known that our society needs more help from therapies like hypnotherapy. However hypnosis is a process that requires time and openness to new dimensions. The collaboration between science and hypnosis leads to an evolution both in emotional and physical, and represents an increasingly used alternative to conventional medicine and therapy.