Is it Really the Dog?

I had one person adopt a dog who was fearful. The dog was clearly abused. The dog was wonderful with kids in the foster home and was just very sweet and loving. The dog would get scared if you reached for him really fast or made a loud noise. he was clearly hit often. he would never growl or snap. Very sweet dog. Anyway, so the dog gets adopted and about a week later... I get a call from the adopter the dog bit him in the face. This is not behavior I would have ever expected. I tell him I will make arrangements to have the dog removed from his home asap and after 10 day bite hold he will be euthanized. I felt horrible! Then I find out the story... the adopter was on the ground, eye level with this medium sized dog, in his face holding a toy and growling at him. Why would you do that? You are going to get eye level with a dog you have only had less then a week and growl at him. Why? The adopter said he wanted the dog to play with toys. So you were forcing him? You get a stupid ass badge for that one! 

I did not have the dog euthanized. I gave the dog to a family who loves him! They signed a waiver saying they knew he had bitten and he has been fine in the home ever since. I just had another experience where was it the dog or was it the people trying to do too much in one day with a new dog? Now I sit and wait and try to figure out what to do. Do I end a dogs life because maybe the people messed up? Or do I re home the dog with a bite contract? I just don't know. It isn't fair that a dog should suffer b/c a human screwed up but I am sorry I am not loosing my house and everything I own because I placed a biting dog. And I am not going to be one of those rescue people who has 12 dogs with issues. Sorry I might be a dog rescue person but I still want to have a normal life with only 3 dogs and ones that I can trust 100%. I am just like everyone else I want a dog b/c it is fun to have a dog not a dog that adds stress to my life b/c every time someone enters the house he/she tries to eat you. No thanks!

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